Debt settlement

Dept Settlement

Time and again, people fall into the debt trap: it snaps shut when the current interest and costs (lawyers, court, bailiffs) are higher than the income available for debt service. One lives at the subsistence level, scrapes together every cent for the creditors, and yet the debts keep getting higher and higher.

The reasons are many and varied. Very often the people affected are completely blameless. The personal and social consequences are bad, marriages and families can break up.

We help you out of the vicious circle. After analysing your situation, we contact your creditors. This often leads to an amicable settlement. Otherwise, we accompany you through consumer insolvency proceedings. Here, too, there is still a possibility of reaching an amicable settlement. And in any case, after a maximum of six years of good conduct, the court will usually grant you residual debt discharge even against the will of your creditors. But above all: the constant pressure stops, the bailiffs' visits, the letters, the calls from debt collection agencies.

  • Suspension of enforcement
  • Debt Settlement Plan
  • Unseizable income
  • Settlement
  • Consumer insolvency
  • Protection against execution