Labour Law

Labour law / Service contract law

We are familiar with the different views of employers, works councils and employees and have a good command of the legal field (specialist lawyer). Therefore, we quickly get to the core of the respective problem and offer adequate solutions.

Dismissal by the employer is the most serious conflict in individual labour law. Statutory protection against dismissal may already exist in small businesses, but it must usually be asserted by means of a lawsuit within a three-week period. Frequently, the contract is then terminated by mutual agreement against payment of a severance payment - how much this is paid or whether there is one at all or even whether the termination fails is determined decisively in the run-up to the termination. Employer and employee can make numerous irreparable mistakes here. The earlier you seek advice, the better your chances are.

Employment contracts are time bombs. They explode on the side that failed to pay attention. The higher risk here is on the employer. Because employees are protected by the legal provisions on "general terms and conditions of business". Which of course is only of any use to them if they know about it. The legal situation is complex - let us advise you before you sign.

For service contracts of managing directors and board members, many rules of labour law apply only partially. One can arrange many things more freely - but must do so. There are special risks with regard to social security obligations. And competition clauses also need to be considered. More and more important: questions of personal liability. A contract carefully drafted by us avoids later disputes and costs.

Works constitution law is the "supreme discipline" of labour law. We have a long experience in this area, including the overlap with commercial and corporate law (company acquisitions, M&A) and insolvency law (restructuring). We help to resolve conflicts at an early stage, draft clear works agreements and, of course, also represent parties in labour court resolution proceedings or participate in conciliation boards. We are also experienced in negotiating and designing reconciliation of interests and social compensation plans.

Only those who know the rules can play successfully and constructively. That is why we offer workshops on works constitution law, the content of which can be specially tailored to the conditions of the respective company.

  • Bullying
  • Certificate
  • Collective agreement
  • Company agreement
  • Conciliation Body
  • Damages
  • Deadline
  • Employment and Qualification Company ("BQ")
  • Employment contract
  • Flexibilisation
  • Outplacement
  • Part time
  • Partial retirement
  • Performance and success-based remuneration (LEAV)
  • Protection against dismissal
  • Reconciliation of interests
  • Social plan
  • Termination
  • Time limit
  • Transfer social plan
  • Warning letter
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