Family Law

Family Law

Divorce is painful - for everyone involved, in particular for children. But if it has to be, then at least without avoidable damage. That is the aim of our advice.

In the context of divorce, issues of existential importance must be regulated, namely

  • the distribution of assets and household effects
  • the settlement of pension and other benefit entitlements
  • spousal and child support
  • the custody of common children.
  • In the best case, you clarify these points amicably, the economical points in the context of a divorce consequences agreement. In particular if the divorce falls into a phase of life in which the accumulation of assets has not yet been completed, you should take this path. Of course, it must not happen that one of the spouses gives in for the sake of peace of mind or under the painful experience of separation in all matters - and is the stupid one afterwards. To protect yourself from making hasty concessions and wrong dispositions, you and your spouse should seek legal advice in the initial phase.

    Even apart from separation and divorce, there are family law issues that you should clarify with the help of a lawyer. For example a marriage contract, the adoption of children, child and parental maintenance and much more.

    • Divorce
    • Separation year
    • Custody
    • Right of contact
    • Child support
    • Separation maintenance
    • Postmarital maintenance
    • Health care maintenance
    • Pension maintenance
    • Parental maintenance
    • Pension equalization
    • Asset distribution
    • Equalization of surplus
    • Separation and divorce agreement
    • limited real splitting
    • Change of income tax class
    • Paternity challenge
    • Matrimonial property regime
    • Marital home
    • Household goods
    • cohabiting union
    • Düsseldorf table
    • Support bonus
    • Deficiency case
    • necessary deductible
    • Child benefit
    • Advance maintenance payments
    • Education allowance