Commercial Law

Commercial Law

For business to run smoothly, they need legal channels - and those who determine these have a strategic advantage. Large companies know this and set their suppliers very detailed terms of contract. It is highly risky to proceed according to the motto "close your eyes and go through". Let us advise you, we will tell you briefly and concisely where the dangers lurk and show you defence strategies.

Even medium-sized companies should legally structure their purchasing and sales departments. This is to be done in plain text on the order or order confirmation. Important business relations should be backed up by framework agreements. We will prepare the necessary arrangements for you.

We also support you in the design of distribution systems. We are experienced in drafting contracts with commercial agents, authorised retailers, wholesalers etc.

Whoever performs - delivers or pays - first is always taking a risk. In foreign business, often not even functioning legal protection is available. We help you to adequately secure this in contracts.

Moreover, the law of commercial enterprises is fast and hard. Often there are only days or hours to react appropriately. Seek advice in good time.

  • agency severance claim (§ 89b HGB)
  • statement of account
  • CISG
  • reservation of title
  • consignment note
  • commercial usage
  • registered trader
  • restraint of competition
  • Letter of Credit
  • commission
  • accounting
  • freightforwarding
  • transport
  • distribution system
  • surety